Sunday, May 10, 2015

MAY it be memorable

Strike the drum.  Shake your systrum!
Join the procession...

The High Priestess at the Temple of Hathor reminds me MAY 22 is the 2015 date for celebrating the Festival of the Beautiful Union ~ that is, the festival of the union between Hathor and Horus, when Hathor goes to meet her Beloved, travelling on a boat from Dendera to Edfu. It is a festival of lovers, love, fertility, joy. 

This is the day to petition Hathor for love and a beloved. Traditionally held between sunrise and sunset, shortly after the New Moon of the month of Epep (Epep begins approximately on the 17th May). After sunset, dancing and drinking began!

The High Priestess offered this chant:

I praise the Golden One and exalt her likeness, 
I honour the Lady of the Sky. 
I pay homage to Hathor. 
Glory to my sovereign goddess!
I beseeched her and she heard my prayers. 
She sent me my beloved
And my beloved came to see me.

convened at the Temple and have agreed to set the festival start time for 7 pm, wherever we happen to live. The High Priestess went on to say, "The seventh hour after midday - very Hathorian."  

My calendar is marked accordingly and I invite *YOU* to join in!  What an awesome vision to envision that at 7 pm at various points across this lil' spinning galactic floor
 in sweet procession/succession, systra will be ringing and chants will be spoken uplifting our intentions for love (for one's self, our beloved, and waves and waves of love, fertility, joy across our dear Mother Earth)! Waves and waves and waves of love ~ Svāhā!  


...and in celebration of the loving and nurturing spirit of the Divine Mother in us all, 
I wish you a sacred & blessed Mothers Day!

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