Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sistrum / Systrum 
Processional Instrument Ritual Implement

Elusive tho' the rhythm & melody may be
A fellow sojourner once told me
there's a song in the systrum's story.

A poet I may not be, but temple priestess reincarnate, YES, that IS me!

The Systrum awakens the Mystery deep within
transporting me
through time, I swoon
transforming me
from earth-bound to sky-clad spirit
under the light of an ancient moon

Gently shimmering the jingles,
I become one with those etched on ancient temple walls
Musician priestesses standing tall
Processing through the temple courtyard
with instrument in hand...

Tho' the rhythm and melody may be buried beneath drifting sands
their chant* to the Goddess throughout time eternal withstands

We sound our drum for her Spirit
We dance her Grace
We see her lovely form in the Heavens
She is our Lady of Sistrum
Lady of Delight,
Mistress of Dance & Queen of Song ...

*excavated from Hathor Temple in Dendera, Egypt

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