Saturday, July 12, 2014

Inspiration & Enthusiasm

My friend Naomi Ozaniec recently posted an essay:

I find her writing truly inspired and for this I am grateful. Furthermore, I am oso grateful to have made her acquaintance (never will I forget our breakfasts on the "Moroccan patio" of the home Sophie Nusslé and her mother Margaret in Granada overlooking the Mediterranean with fresh squeezed orange juice et al * sigh*).

But I digress, permit me to express my gratitude for Naomi's essay on Inspiration. It clarified aspects of my journey ~ that is to say, in the moment I had the inspiration to re-emerge the systrum (after its being buried by the sands of time for hundreds and hundreds of years), I truly, deeply, madly felt a "moment of mysterious revelation, a shared breath with the forces of creation from the universal & unbounded realm of Spirit" ... leading me to a most enthusiastic response.

I appreciate Naomi's crafting the words & meaning  around a moment that afforded seismic shifts. I found myself going left when all along I had anticipated going right.

She eloquently described "an inspired project will draw people toward it like a magnet." (INDEED, what a magnetic field 'round this one!) The essay went on to say "Inspiration and enthusiasm go hand in hand, genuine inspiration produces visible enthusiasm. Enthusiasm too carries a mystical weight since the word comes from the ancient Greek word eufousiasmz meaning, to be, inspired by or possessed by God. The two qualities belong together as cause and effect..."

"Enthusiasm is our response to inspiration 
and this divine possession brings passion to experience 
and a sense of mission and purpose to action. 
This is the elixir of life, drink deeply of it whenever you can."

 Happily, enthusiastically, gratefully, I drink the elixir!

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