Friday, August 29, 2014

Golden Rays of Summer's Fading Days

August 29 Birthday of
Het-Hert (Hathor

Ahhh... The golden light of late August signals a winding down of a summer filled with many of life's finer moments: Delicious fresh farmers market fruits & veggies, afternoon strolls along the beach, and unhurried evenings spent outdoors with friends amidst the twinkling of fireflies... 

As August nears its end, I resolve to stay calm & carry on, savoring every precious moment. Remembering, after all, another great aspect of August is that it also heralds crisp, cool days to come and, with them, anticipation for what life will bring next: 

Happily, for example, rehearsals with the Lehigh Valley Percussion Priestesses culminating with an ...
 Autumn gig with Grant Smith @ Godfrey Daniels
Sunday, November 9

 SSSsssSSSsssSeshehet SSSsssSSSsssSeshehet SSSsssSSSsssSeshehet 
 teka dum teka dum teka dum pah
We play the tambourine for Your Ka, 
We dance for Your Majesty, 
We exalt You To the height of heaven. 
You are the Mistress of Sekhem, 
The Menat and the Sistrum,

The Mistress of Music...
 We rejoice before Your face; we play for Your Ka.
Your heart rejoices over our performance.

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