Sunday, December 14, 2014

2014 Winter Solstice: Sunday, December 21

Historically the SYSTRUM was used as part of temple ceremony and ritual and I invite you to create a meaningful ritual this holiday season integrating this historic & easy-to-play instrument as part of a simple (or complex) ritual you create to commemorate Winter solstice: A signal to celebrate!

Your ritual can be as simple as lighting a candle with an intention in your heart to commemorate this pivotal moment and re-kindle your inner fire!
After all, for those of us on the northern part of Earth, this is the shortest day, but then after Winter Solstice, the days get longer, and the nights shorter. Let there be Light! SSssSesheshet*
*the singing/ringing sound of the Systrum

Winter Solstice Ritual Ideas:  
LOVELY LANTERNS:  Consider this...Refrain from using artificial light for the entire day and then welcome the new season by lighting solstice lanterns 'crafted' from empty jars and/or glass tumblers. Decorate 'em (or not) however you like; insert tealight candles. Assemble many &  enjoy all around your house…

Here's a nice ritual you can do with friends or family. Place one large unlit candle on your table with various smaller unlit candles for each person present. Turn off all the lights and spend a moment in darkness and quiet contemplation.  Then whomever is leading, lights the main big candle offering a blessing. After that one by one, each person around the table lights his/her candle from the main flame offering a word of gratitude and placing the candles in a circle around the main one. Once all the candles are lit, in unison offer a song, blessing or simply say: “Happy Solstice.”

mistletoeWishing you a blessed holiday season! mistletoe

 with lotsa love, Tahya         

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