Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 New Year greetings

Best wishes for a New Year shimmering with blessings of vibrant good health, wealth, prosperity & vitality :: Teka dum Teka dum Teka dum Pah 

SSSsssSSSsssSesheshet sssSSSsssSesheshet

In the spirit of our interconnectedness, I invite your suggestions/ideas/comments/assistance in cultivating ideas regarding the creative manifestation of the Systrum in the world as I believe this beauty allows re-creating and participating in meaningful "exercise" (ritual) combining body~heart/mind~spirit.  

The Systrum is a simple, yet effective, devise/tool/implement/instrument.  How simple is it? It's like putting a rattle in a baby's hand.  Playing the Systrum is natural, instinctive and historical too.  Yes! It's historical, affordable and easy to play ~ allowing us to . . .

Remember ancient drumming & chanting traditions
 of Egyptian temple musicians.
(Click here to read more)
Arouse & bring alive those memories in our contemporary 21st C existence!

© Tahya 2007
Priestesses playing sistra
as depicted on Hatshepsut's Chapelle Rouge @ Karnak
(Read more about Hatshepsut, The Woman Who Would be King by Kara Cooney)

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