Sunday, February 7, 2016

NEW MOON in Aquarius February 8th 2016

According to Mystic Mama'astral insights,

“The New Moon in Aquarius is exact on Monday February 8th, 2016 ~
commencing a new lunar cycle that focuses on what is
evolving and radically shifting, changing and rearranging in our lives..."

As I reflect on what feels like an amazing acceleration of evolution, revolution and radical shifts in my life in this new year and approaching new moon, I couldn't help but consider the course of a conversation yesterday with my friends Lizzie and MaryAnn over lunch.  Lizzie suggested when faced with some of life's challenges ~ in particular we were referring to the dissolution of my thirty-year marriage ~ that it seemed I had the ability to readily "access" inner strength.  

T'was but a brief moment we three pondered how that could be so... I remembered myself as an insecure little girl and a teen with low (if any) self esteem.  So when/where did this inner strength derive/arrive?

I no sooner seemed to formulate the question when I sensed the illumination of flood light in my heart/mind, and with conviction found myself speaking aloud:
It was the dance  (through which I gained confidence, expression of my creativity, strength and resourcefulness).  

It is the dance!

It is the dance through which I realize my Inner Resources.

Millenia of movement 
based in women's empowerment

The empowerment of BEing in this body, this sacred garment we've been given for this lifetime's journey, MOVING through the world with fluidity and grace, proud to be a receptacle of life, a tabernacle of love and a woman who has evolved:  Born in the mid-20thC & BEcoming a representative in the 21stC of a lineage of Musician Priestesses, Dancers & Chantresses dating back thousands of years!

~ Honored am I to "wear" this mantle ~

NOTE: Back in March of 2002 Gloria Steinem visited Lehigh University and I was very impressed with the theme of her talk, i.e., "Self-esteem is the source of the feminist revolution," and since the dance gifted me improved self-esteem (and I consistently invite my class participants to explore graceful fluid movements reconnecting us with the women in our ancestry), I thought to myself, "Well, I guess I'm part of the revolution! Viva la revolución! I maintain a firm belief:these ancient arts facilitate improved and elevated self-esteem and feminine EVOLUTION and I am thrilled to be facing this New Moon with a focus on what is ....

and radically shifting

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