Sunday, November 29, 2015

Early influences of Egyptian Mother Goddess

When I was very young, around three years of age, my paternal grandparents boarded a steamship to cross the Atlantic and live overseas for several years.  I will never forget the day of their departure and the thrill of visiting them in their stateroom with my parents, aunts and uncles, all with cocktails in hand toasting "Bon Voyage"...

Top row: Grandma Florence, my dad Jack, Uncle Bob, Grandpa George
Bottom row:  Aunt Kay, Aunt Margaret Elizabeth and Uncle George
Finally, the appointed hour arrived, the horn sounded alerting us to disembark and we are all ushered down the ramp used to exit the vessel.  From the dock we waved goodbye amidst paper streamers the ship's passengers were given to throw from the ship to family and friends below, all part of the ceremony of embarking on the cruise during the heyday of the passenger steamship!

My grandparents lived in Athens for several years and I remember how thrilling it was to get a letter or postcard from them.  Back in the late 1950's the most expedient means of communication was a telegram (yes, I AM dating myself here); overseas telephone calls were practically unheard of, so a letter with a stamp from a foreign country was quite an exotic delivery in one's mailbox!

While living overseas they traveled to many places and a distinct memory from my early childhood is viewing their slideshow upon their return to the US. Two slides in particular have left an indelible mark.  One was of Green folk dancers and the other was of my grandmother and grandfather seated upon camels with the pyramids in the background.  I wish I knew what happened to those slides; nonetheless, I suppose these were among the first seeds planted sparking my lifelong enthusiasm for ancient Egyptian studies. Also, I distinctly recall the folkloric applique wall hangings they brought back for each of their children.  My father was gifted an applique of a farmer in the field with his cattle while I coveted the one they gifted his older sister ~ i.e., Egyptian Mother Goddess Isis with her loving wings spread open in a welcoming gesture.  Long story short, that applique now enjoys a prominent place on my living room wall (see below):

All this to say, as many of you know, I have spent a great deal of my life investigating ancient Egypt.... and I can no longer be silent in revealing that I have been steadfast in calling the extremist terrorists "extreme extremist terrorists."  I refrain from using any other terminology when repeatedly shocked and saddened by their dastardly deeds.  In a post by 'Greg' earlier this month at, "the influence  (of the Goddess Isis) was such that her worship continued for more than 3000 years, not only in Egyptian culture, but also by the high civilizations of the ancient Greeks and Romans as well. Fast forward the better part of five millennia, and it has taken just three years for a loose assortment of low-life scumbags to co-opt that name ... For whatever reasons, (this) group has become popularly referred to as the same name as this beloved Goddess, largely through mass media repetition and then reinforcement through discussions on social media." (UGH! Arrrgh!)

I for one (among many I am sure) have been steadfast invoking the wings of Isis, beloved mother goddess of ancient Egyptian cosmology, along with beloved Mother Goddess Hathor to please, please, please fill the heart/minds of the extremist terrorists with the guidance, love and light missing in their lives and transform their deeds to be for the good of humanity and the planet. I invite you to join the plea for the media to relabel the extremist terrorists.

Please understand and be clear Isis is a name
to be invoked to shower love and light
throughout the universe.

Svāhā sššt sššt sššt

PS:  Click here for an interesting overview of the "relationship" of Hathor & Isis

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