Sunday, February 25, 2018

Holding on to a vision

Imagine how excited I am!  I have held a vision for this Certification Training Program for 15+ years and ALLELUIA, it's happening ❤ 

I am thrilled beyond measure to share components of my drumming and dance repertoire which along the way I found particularly "transformational" for both me and my class participants. I am now honored to be able to share these techniques with Massage Therapists, Nurses, Professional Counselors, Physical Therapists, Art, Music and Dance therapists, Marriage & Family Therapists, Social Workers and Support group administrators and/or facilitators.

Thank you to Jen Sinclair and Cancer Support Community of the Greater Lehigh Valley for affording me this opportunity!!!

May I be blessed to facilitate the sharing in ways that others will carry forward for their own good ... and wow, if even one more person benefits and they share it with one more person, I trust the good will be for us all.

       NEVER GIVE UP!      

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