Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

I am

really just a tambourine 
grab hold, play me
-    Hafiz

* * *
Experience the pulse of the drum.
Respond with a myriad of expressive gestures
echoing ancient traditions. 
Move your body, mind & spirit
toward a vibrant sense of sensuality,
and a deeper level of well being.
Feel empowered, uplifted.
Experience awakened inner creativity.

Dance in the light of the ancient moon…..

Behind the veils, Intoxicated with love
I  dance the rhythm of this moving world.
-    Rumi

It’s a drum and arms waving.
It’s a bonfire at midnight on the top edge of a hill,
This meeting again with you.
-    Rumi

* * *
I invite you to.... Delve into Danse Orientale ,
an art form with a rich history dating back to antiquity
which beckoned me to a world beyond....

Danse Orientale  is the name I use for the movement vocabulary I teach incorporating Middle and Far Eastern arts.  With great fondness I recall the first time I heard the intoxicating melodies and hypnotic rhythms beckoning me to experience the mystery and wondrous magic carpet ride these ancient arts provide.

A voice inside the drum (said),
 I know you are tired...
but come, this is the way! 
-    Rumi

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