Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sweeping away the sands of time

SSSSsssssSSSSssssSeSheShet ssssSeSheShet ssssSeSheShet
She has been unearthed from the sands...

Yes, once buried beneath the sands of time 
She now rings loudly across the lands!

There is so much more to tell about this wonderful evolutionary journey but for now permit me if you will to proudly shake the SYSTRUM and invite you to do so too!  

I am soooo excited to make this announcement and hope you will continue to enjoy this blog revealing the blessings of many a deep, meaningful, healing, energetic and joyful experience since my trip to Egypt in 2007.  Revelations from that trip heighten and renew my enthusiasm for the wonders of a life lived wherein every day affords new opportunity for sharing my passion, meeting new people and widening the circle of friends.  Thank you God/Goddess/Goodness... 

Till my next post, please celebrate with me!